My studio is permanently closed for workshops in person due to the Covid-19 pandemic and other changes in the studio's set up.


Online Workshops


Online workshop/s are easy to join. You just click on the invitation link that I will send you a day  before the workshop, and follow the steps. You will be able to see me and my demonstration/working place. I will guide you step by step through the project/s. You will need to set up a small studio/working space at home and you will have to have a tablet/laptop/cell phone, and turn your device camera towards your working space. That way I will see your work and I will be able to give you feedback. 


Please contact me at if you require further information how to join online workshops. Thank you!



You can either contact me at for the registration form and further instructions how to register ( in that case you can pay by money e-transfer to my email address) or you can register online.


The list of art supplies is provided at the registration




March 6th, 2021 (Saturday)

11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Fee: $ 95 incl. GST (art supplies are not included)

In fine art, a portrait can be a sculpture, a painting, a photograph or any other representation of a person, in which the face is the main theme. Traditional easel-type portraits usually depict the sitter head-and-shoulders, half-length, or full-body. There are several varieties of portraits, including the traditional portrait of an individual, a group portrait, or a self portrait. Students in this workshop will learn about anatomy of the face, bone and muscles structure of the face. They will also learn about proportions of the face, how to capture face of the young and elderly person and they will briefly explore differences between faces in ethnic groups. This workshop is designed for students of all levels. Absolute beginners and families are welcome. Every student will be provided with a portrait manual and projects to practice.




Painting Landscape in Acrylic


March 27th, 2021 (Saturday)

11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Fee $ 75 incl. GST (art supplies are not included)


Students in this workshop will learn the basics about landscape paintings in acrylic. They will be guided step by step from drawing, underpainting, mixing colors to actual painting. Every student in this workhosp will finish one simple landscape painting.  Landscape workshop is designed for students of all levels. Absolute beginners and families are welcome. 


Online registration 

Please note that the fee online is $ 6,- higher to cover PayPal fees


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(the price for Portraits workshop $ 101,-, for Landscapes workshop $ 81,-)




Portraits Workshop

Painting Landscapes in Acrylic
Painting Landscapes Workshop