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Please make a payment either online (the fee is higher to cover PayPal fees) or by money e-transfer to . Another option is to pay by certified cheque made to LIBA Art Studio. Please email me for the address if you will decide for this option. Thank you! You will receive a confirmation email , the list of art supplies and ID cards that qualify you for a discount on art supplies at the Kensington Art Supply & Instruction and at the Destination Art when the registration form and the payment is finalized. Please know that without the fee you are not registered for the workshop/s.


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Cyanotypes & Encaustic

June 10th & 1tth, 2023
Students have an option to sign up for only one day


10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Fee: $ 325, - incl. GST (art materials are not included) for both days

            $ 165, - incl. GST for one day (either cyanotypes or encaustic, art materials are not included)

Estimated cost for art materials: for cyanotypes $50 -60, - 
                                                                               for encaustic $ 100 -110, -
Registered students will receive discount ID card from my studio that will qualify them for 15% discount on art materials for this workshop.


Max 10 students can be registered.


“Cyanotype is a 170-year-old photographic printing process that produces prints in a distinctive dark prussian blue. The word cyan comes from the Greek, meaning “dark blue substance.” The process was invented by Sir John Herschel, a brilliant astronomer and scientist, in 1842”“The word “encaustic’ comes from the Greek “encaustikos” “to burn in”, referring to the process of using heat to fuse the layers together. It was notably used in Favyum mummy portraits in Egypt around 100-300AD”. Students in this workshop will learn processes of art creating that contain alchemy of combining these two unique techniques. The first day of the workshop they will experiment with creating cyanotypes prints. They will learn how to use cyanotype chemicals is the cyanotype kit to create a light-sensitive solution which is then coated onto paper. Students will experiment with variety of natural materials and objects that will be placed on the coated paper and exposed to the UV light-sun.

Once printed as cyanotypes, the images can be glued to a wood panel or used as a surface for encaustic painting and other mediums. The second day of the workshop students will work with their cyanotypes prints and encaustic medium. They will learn about studio safety, how to make own encaustic medium and how to use it. I will share with my students tricks and common mistakes to avoid with creating art w using cyanotypes and encaustic. Group demonstrations and friendly critiques will be an essential part of this workshop. Students will have an opportunity to create their own artwork or choose from projects that I will have available. Experience with encaustic techniques and/or cyanotypes is recommended but not mandatory. Absolute beginners are welcome. Students must be min 13 years old.


Exaples of students' encaustic & cyanotypes artworks


Registration form: 

Cyanotypes & Encaustic Please know that online fee is $10,- higher to cover PayPal fees.

Cyanotypes or Encaustic only  (Please know that the fee is $ 6,- higher to cover PayPal fees).


Please contact me at if you and your family/ friends would like to book a workshop with your own personalized theme. Thank you! I can teach this workshop online (max 8 students), in person in my studio (max. 4 students)  or at your home (max 6 students).