The experience I have gained from Liba’s lessons has been unparalleled. Liba is an extremely talented artist who is very experienced and educated in a variety of styles, media and techniques, and is eager to pass on her knowledge to her students. Liba provides excellent one on one teaching while in a group atmosphere, creating an environment that is very conducive to creative exploration. I have had the opportunity to experiment with a variety of styles, media and subjects, and that has allowed me to personally develop my own style, and also caused me to gain a respect and understanding of a wide range of artistic expression. Specifically Liba has helped my understanding of colour, colour mixing and composition, and also she has helped me to refine techniques such as brush strokes and blending. The experience and education I have had at Liba Art Studio surpasses any other art teaching I have had, and more than anything it has given me an irreplaceable foundation for future artistic endeavours.
Aaron Petruic
Student of Architecture at Carleton University

Liba was a big help in developing my artistic ability, with helpful teaching and informative hints and tips. The projects that I worked on during the classes helped to prepare a portfolio while teaching various fundamentals. Having a qualified approachable teacher such as Liba has helped me a lot in working with and trying different mediums.”
Mark Fromow
Industrial Design student at Carleton University

Due to the very informative art classes I took with Liba Labik for the last six months, I have excelled from a very novice level to the point of being accepted into the four year program at Alberta College of Art and Design (A.C.A.D). So a million thanks Liba for your patient instruction.
Jed Simpson
Student of ACAD Calgary

Liba is a very talented and highly motivated professional artist and teacher of art. She works tirelessly at her own art as well as giving her students encouragement and advice to enable them to be as good as they can be. She teaches all paint mediums and techniques with patience and good humour. I have been attending classes with her for three years and she has helped me enormously to realize that I may have a talent with paint even though I cannot draw (Liba draws very well!) Her classes are fun!
Marie White

I have worked with Liba almost since the beginning of her studio. Over the last 9 years, I have grown tremendously under Liba’s instruction and have seen many students do the same. Her flexible style allows for as much or as little guidance as you need and the nurturing environment she creates helps develop not only people as artists, but artists as people.
Camie Leard

If you have been wanting to take art classes but worried you’re too old, too young, or just plain shy, don’t hesitate to come to Liba’s class! There are people here of all ages, skill levels and interests. Liba is great at giving everyone individual attention and everyone else in the classes are friendly and supportive. I thoroughly enjoy my ‘art time’ at Liba’s and the opportunity to explore the world of creativity. Come on out, draw, sketch, paint, have a laugh! Liba’s classes are the highlight of my week!
Patty Leahul

I became Liba’s student in my 50’s. Liba inspires me to be an artist that I always wanted to be. I am forever great-full. I enjoy creating art and experimenting with various mediums in Liba’s studio very much.
Brian Brown

My daughter has been painting with Liba for just a year, and it has been a terrific experience for her. She loves going to her painting class, and is learning so much from Liba, about colour, and form and technique. Liba has shown her so much in that short time, and Rosie continues to blossom under her tutelage.
Amy and Rosie O’Grady