Teaching Philosophy


Liba believes that all people, of any age and any ability, can learn to enjoy artistic expression. This enhances their understanding not only of themselves, but of the various cultures of the world. 

Liba also believes that anyone is an artist in his/her own way, whether he/she has talent or not. The beauty of art is that it can be picked up at any age. The process of seeing, that is the key to any medium used in art, can be mastered by all. Everyone can train the eye, hand and the right side of the brain. Creativity and achieved technical skills can be improved.


Artists are diverse and varied as they come, not only in experience, but style and also attitude. That is why students in LIBA's Art Studio do not follow the same instructions, they do not create the same artwork and they do not have to follow the techniques and processes she creates. Every student has individual attention; projects are adjusted to the student's level, experience and

Liba enjoys sharing her knowledge of various art techniques and encourages her students to experiment with a multitude of medias and ideas. She helps students to find their own inner voice to create and find the style and technique on their own. Liba also trains students to see the objects and subjects of their work as they are, understand the form, design, composition and concept of their creations. Liba aims as an art teacher to reach students’ potential and help them to create their best art work possible. Learning to treat artistic achievement , creativity, and design with respect and appreciation is her underlying goal.