Summer 2018


Fundamentals of Drawing
CRN 1810 ESER Course 6335

July 9 - July 13, 2018
9:00AM - 4:00 PM every day
Tuition: $ 495 + GST



Drawing is the foundation of all visual art disciplines. Students in this workshop will have an opportunity to learn various drawing techniques through different themes and experience variety of drawing mediums and surfaces. Form, basic rules of perspective, proportions, value, tone, line drawing, sketching will be an important part of the workshop. Students will be practicing drawing from 2D projects as well as from actual objects. Demonstrations and individual instructions adjusted to the student’s level and experience will be held every day of the workshop. Absolute beginners are welcome.


Call 403.357.3663 or 1.888.732.4630 to register. Please have your Course Number(s) ready.




Regular art lessons


Immerse yourself in art creating this summer. Register for art lessons at the LIBA Art Studio! Families are welcome!


July 18th – August 8th, 2018

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Students can come to study drawing, painting, mixed media, collage and/or clay.


Max. 10 students can be registered




Students can register online (bellow), by email (registration form and e-transfer) or personally. Please contact Liba at to set up an appointment for registration. The list of art supplies and ID discount card for supplies at the Kensington Art Supply & Instruction and at the Destination Art is provided once the registration is finalized.


Registration Form 



$ 100, incl. GST + art material 
Drop in lessons $ 30,- per one lesson (2hrs) discounts apply



Students who attended lessons min. one year in LIBA studio qualify for discounts for regular classes ($5) and workshops ($10). Also, students from one family are eligible for discounts ($5 per student). The discount is not calculated twice. Only one of these discounts will apply. Seniors 65+ qualify for additional $ 3 discount.






The Fundamentals of Drawing Landscapes/Nature  

July 28th & 29th, 2018
10:30 AM - 3:30 PM each day (5hrs each day)




$ 205,- incl. GST (art supplies are not included)

Student can register either personally at the LIBA Art Studio, by email (the registration form is sent by email and the fee is paid by money e-transter to ) or he/she can register online.  In the case, that student would like to register personally in the studio, please contact Liba at  to set up an appointment for the registration. The list of art supplies including the list of art supplies stores and the ID cards that qualify student for 10%discount for art supplies on the list at the Kensington Art Supply & Instruction and at the Destination Art is provided once the registration is complete.


Students registered in LIBA Art Studio one year min. and family members qualify for $ 10 discount. Only one discount will be applied. 


Landscape art is rich in tradition. As long as humans have been making art, the landscape has been part of it. Students will learn in this workshop how to simplify the composition, isolate subjects , and create atmospheric perspective in their drawings. They will learn how to capture sky, clouds, water, rocks, mountains, trees, grass and other natural forms in artwork. Students will have an opportunity to practice variety of drawing tools and techniques in LIBA's home studio in Dalhousie as well as in outdoor parks in vicinity of her studio (weather permitted). No previous art experience is required. Absolute beginners are welcome. Students have to be min 8 years old. Families can join this workshop together! Min 3 students is required to open this summer workshop;  max 8 can be registered.