Purchase Information & Commissions



If you see an artwork you wish to purchase on this website or if you would like to visit LIBA Art Studio to view Liba's artwork and make the purchase personally, please contact Liba through her email liba@libaartstudio.com to set up an appointment.


Artworks that are not marked as SOLD, NOT FOR SALE or otherwise, are offered for sale. Please contact Liba for pricing of the painting you would like to purchase. 


Payments are accepted by cheques made to LIBA Art Studio, money e-transfer or by cash if you can pick the artwork personally at the studio.


If you are not able to come to Liba’s studio then all transactions will go through PayPal. Payment must be cleared before the shipment of merchandise. Once the payment is cleared, an invoice will be sent to you by email. Your purchase will be then shipped or delivered to you as quickly as possible; usually within 48 hrs.


Please know that the shipping and handling charges  for paintings larger than 12" x 16" will  always apply. Since the shipping and handling cost varies depending on the size, weight and the insurance (sometimes custom duties)  of the package, the customer will be informed about it's cost before he/she will make a payment for the painting. It will be added to the price of the artwork.


Shipping of paintings 16" x 20" and larger is available only in Canada. Paintings larger than 48" x 48" cannot be shipped.


Shipping of paintings 16" x 20" and smaller is available in Canada & US. 


US customers will be responsible for custom duties fees (they vary; they will be added to the price of the painting) and handling & shipping fees if they will exxed $ 30.


You can find prices of some smaller works (12" x 16" and smaller)  on the "Small Artworks for Sale" page. Prices of smaller works include shipping & handling .


The shipping & handling cost  of these small works will be charged only if it will exceed $ 30. If this will occur, the customer will be informed by email with information about the cost of shipping & handling and it will be added to the price of  the painting. 


All payments have to be cleared before the artwork will be shipped.


Artorks are shipped by Canada Post.





Prices are charged at the same rate whether you purchase the work in LIBA Art Studio, art gallery, or at the art shows. All paintings for sale are original works created with excellent artist quality materials. 






Your privacy is valued. Please know that your contact information will not be shared, sold or passed to anyone else. Your information will only be used to send you updates and invitations to Liba’s shows. You may ask to be removed from Liba’s list at any time by emailing her with a request that you no longer wish to receive emails from her.




Creating a piece of artwork that has personal meaning to you or to your family would be a pleasure! Liba completed dozens of custom works ranging from portraits to landscapes to abstracts, specially crafted to enhance a particular space and become a beautiful part of her patron’s daily lives. Liba’s approach to capture spirit of her subjects makes a piece of art that will be constant topic of conversation and admiration for years to come.


If you would like to commission a painting from Liba please contact her through the email liba@libaartstudio.com to set up an appointment and discuss your ideas. You can bring your own photographs if you will order a portrait or Liba will take her own reference photographs for her painting.  Composition, materials, style, price and other details of the commission will be discussed.  A non- refundable 50% of the final price of ordered piece -deposit -is due at the time of order. The balance of the price is paid once the commissioned piece is fully finished. The price is adjusted accordingly up to the cost of material, size and work involved. 

Public commissions are also welcome.


Iportant to know:

The client will have an opportunity to view his/her artwork 1-3 times during the process.


Due to long drying times, it will take 3-12 months to finish oil painting (oil and/or oil based mixed media in which Liba often works). To finish classical oil painting require 2-3 months min. To create an art piece in oil combined with oil based media etc. takes 3- 12 months. The acrylic painting and/or water soluble mixed media),  watercolors, drawing media, pastels, alkohol based inks and encaustic takes 1-3 months to finish. The lenght of work on the art piece will depend on the medium, size and theme of the commission.


Liba offers 15% discount on 2 or more pieces ordered at once/or within 3 months since the first painting has been completed.



Liba's Customers Say:

Liba is a poet who uses both paint and prose to express what she sees and feels about the human creature.She shows us the seemingly invisible aspects of being human. Invisible because we’ve stopped looking.Through her words and her paintbrush we are reminded of what we truly are. Liba reminds us that we are energy and matter, ebb and flow, and she does this with amazing grace and beauty.Her work is gentle and relaxing and it refreshes the soul. To gaze upon her paintings returns us to the meaning of life, relaxes us for a spell before we go back to the myriad of every day distractions. Her paintings say "Rest here a while”.

Niaomi J.Hamilton

Liba’s painting of our children has been a conversation piece in our home ever since it was hung on the wall. The first thing people ask when they walk into the house and see it is “Wow – that is amazing” ... we know we will treasure it for our lifetime.

Brent & Anita Livingstone

We first saw Liba’s art at ACAD and couldn’t walk away from the beautiful landscape piece she created. We bought it and it has graced our home for the last 10 years. The mountains, skies, and foreground are so expertly and fluidly created. We returned to Liba a couple of years later with some pictures of our lakefront property, and requested that she paint a large scale piece using the pictures are references. What we have is an incredible 5 x 6 foot piece of art that encompasses our lake, the 200 year old Ponderosa Pine trees and more. It graces our living room and everyone who enters our home remarks on it. Liba is a talented artist whom we are lucky to have been able to meet and whose artwork gives us daily pleasure. If you are lucky enough to have a piece of her art in your home, well then you understand the beauty that is hard to describe.

Linda and Tom C.
Calgary, AB