Artist Statement

In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown,
and in between, there are 
doors....   ~William Blake

I create mixed media artworks that dwell on the experience of time, and changes within time.  My work is influenced by surrealist and romantic painting styles. I often combine abstraction, figurative work and natural forms. 


We are bound in time, forever imprisoned and forced to reconcile with its regularity and the inevitability of change. The mysterious world of time inspires me to create and explore its dimensions and beauty as it is projected into nature and human world.

Subjects of my work are natural forms, faces, and hands. Time shapes them, leaves its imprints and transforms them. These imprints and transformations are worth to explore, admire and ask what time really means in our lives. Are we capable to live without time and aimlessly wander through different worlds? …or do we always need time to direct us where and when to go?


The creation of each of my paintings is a result of interactions between my memories, dreams, and my impressions of “reality”. I enjoy investigating new possibilities in my work by using imaginative arrangements of my subjects to revise the "known" and to travel to the “unknown”. By consistently experimenting with a variety of materials and media, I capture nature and our connections to it as it changes in time.