Artist Statement

In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown,
and in between, there are 
doors....   ~William Blake

My work is an extension of how the world permeates my being. I paint not only because I enjoy it, but also to mould and extend what I take from my life. At the intersection of the world of reality, and the world hidden within us, I confront my assumption about life.


In my work, I would like to bring forth the beauty of our inner and outer world, that most of us have lost sight of. I explore in my work the dimensions of the “in between” world. I am interested in the interaction between human beings and nature, between the inner and outer worlds, between reality and imagination, between space and time, and between planet Earth and the Universe. Opposite forces between different worlds bring attention to emotions, imagination, sensations, and they evoke thoughts of new possibilities. The bridge “in between” inspires me to explore art further. For me, the invisible world of the “in between” is timeless, space-less, and limitless. In this world there are no boundaries, only an ever-expanding promise of change, as questions become our answers.


The main subjects of my work are nature, natural forms, my daughter, human faces, and hands. Aside of my life experiences, my inspiration  comes  from a variety of stimulations, such as nature, my daughter’s life, music, poetry, the universe, philosophy etc. All is connected and muse comes from different spaces and times.


I experiment with traditional painting techniques together with the contemporary ones, to create “collages” of paintings. I enjoy working with the “unexpected and expected”, “take and add", and vice versa, with varieties of layers and materials. I enjoy investigating new possibilities in my work by using imaginative arrangements of my subjects to revise the "known" and to travel to the “unknown”.


My work combines representation and abstraction. This approach leaves the door open for interpretation, allowing viewers to participate by establishing their own connection to the artwork, and perhaps recalling some of their own life experiences. I want people to look at my work and take the time to reflect their own lives, and who they are as beings in this world.