About Murals


I created two murals in Calgary, AB.

The first mural titled "Aqua Vitalis" was created in 2012 as a part of collaborative project "Naiads" celebrating water with Pam Sims Dalsin (visual artist, sculptor),Sora (musician), Lysia Smandych (dancer) and Erin Dingle (poet).

This mural was on display October 5-27, 2012 at the Artpoint Gallery & Studio Society, Calgary AB.


Parts of the mural were SOLD, few panels were reused for new artworks.

Review of the Aqua Vitalis Mural
"As I enter the Main Gallery, the first thing I see is, “Aqua Vitalis”, a mural by Liba Labik, which consists of 13 paintings tightly joined to create a large composition. It is a large fantasy in soft colours. The panels are laid out in an interesting and intricate manner.
The perspective and allusion to depth give the work a sense of spatial layers. Although the palette is cool, there is a juxtaposition of warmth in the recreation of life that lays beneath the surfaces".
~Reviewed by Jason Gogo.



The second mural "Reflections of Changes"was commissioned by Telus, Calgary, AB. It is on the permanent display at the Telus Sky building, 685 Centre Street, Calgary, AB



You can commission your own mural. It can be either assembled or painted directly on the wall. If you are interested, please contact me at liba@libaartstudio.com to discuss your options and for more information Thank you!



Creation of the Mural for Telus

"Reflection of Changes"