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Ruberto Ostberg Gallery
2108 18th Street NW, Calgary, AB T2M 3T3 | T: 403.289.3388


“Connections” is a celebration of community.

With the floods, economic hardships and the recent devastating fires, Albertans have shown their generosity and resilience. For our "Connections" 2016 exhibition the Ruberto Ostberg Gallery has invited artists to explore through their artwork, what it means to be part of this outstanding community.

Featured Artists

Jeremy Fokkens Ross Lynem Joanne MacDonald
Anna Ostberg Gordon Pengilly Brenda Estill
Liba Labik Louise P. Chong Karen Brown
Nick Rooney Theo Nelson Melanie Morstad
Joan Packham Lois Griffiths Jadranka Hodanic
Anna Bilek Cam Roberts Melanie Long
Darija Radakovic Brittney Tough Iren Gibson
Kenzie Housego Marquita Poulson Karen Biko
Deborah Catton Connie Pike Bob Pike
Jane Poole Adele Woolsey Amy Gaulin
Daniel Audet Gary McMillan Gisa Mayer
Sharon Wagner Marica Blum Sara Giretz
Simon Wroot Thai Ngo Carmen Bellingham
Jane Reeve Bee Kingdom Tim Belliveau
Lisa Brawn Graham Page
Denise Clark