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Ruberto Ostberg Gallery

Opening Receptions:
Friday, June 15, 5-9pm &
Saturday, June 16, 2 - 5pm


The Ruberto Ostberg Gallery was established in 2004 with a focus on creating a welcoming gallery space showcasing original contemporary art. For the past decade, we have been hosting “Connections” an annual juried exhibition with the purpose of connecting artists to each other and to the greater community. This approachable exhibition showcases a diverse range of artists styles and mediums.


Featured Artists

Cindy Bouwers, Cameron Roberts, Brian Clute,Bob Pike,Barbara Davis,Barbara Amos,Anthony Kerr,Anna Jackson

Angie Rees,Amanda M. Crozier,Alison Philpotts,Adele WoolseyBouwers,Colleen Rauscher,Connie Pike,Dana McLean,David Belcourt,David Grudniski,Denise c. Clarke,Doro Buch,Gisa Mayers ,Iren Gibson,Jacqueline Morton
Jadranka Hodanic,Janet B. Armstrong,Janice Mather,Janie Lockwood,Jennifer Park,Jill Nuckles,Joan Cobb-Beaumont
Joanne MacDonald,John K Esler,Kenzie Housego,John Ross,Karen Brown,Karen Crocker,Kerry Warner,Kristen Powell
Liba Labik,Linda Lee Gimby,Linnea Martina,Lisa Brawn,Mahwish Ahmed,Margot Morrell,Margriet Hogue,Martha Henry,Mary-Leigh Doyle,Melanie Morstad,Michelle Wiebe,Peig Abbott,Phillip Bandura,Robert Knudsen,Ron Czemeres,Ross Lynem,Ryan Gaudreault,Sara Girletz,Setsuko Onishi Moulton,Shanon Fitzgerald,Susan Rod
Tammy Fischer ,Terese Mullin,Thai Ngo,Theo Nelson,Anna Ostberg