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LIBA Art Studio, NW Calgary, Dalhousie

April 7th &  8th, 2018 (Saturday 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM and Sunday  1:00 PM – 5:30 PM).

Liba will have on display two new series of artworks “ The Whisper of Time” and “ Everything Changes”  that she was working on since the end of August 2017. She will also have some of her works available for sale.


Wine and light refreshment will be served.


Please contact Liba at for the address if you wish to attend this event.


Liba says about her new works:

"The series “Everything Changes” is inspired by my walks in the Rocky Mountain Foothills forest. There is constant change in the forest, in seasons, and in our lives. I compare walks in forests, to escapes from time. Paradoxically these escapes inspire me to think of time, and about changes within time. One day the forest is blooming and another it is experiencing harvest. I found dying old leaves beautiful in shapes and colors. They are, for me, an omen of changes and of new beginnings.


“ The Whisper of Time” series is pondering on everyday changes in our physical appearance. I am especially interested in exploring the idea about changes in woman’s face over time. I used a young woman’s face, and old dying leaves in the painting, to remind us that we all will get older; our face will wrinkle over time and our body will change. How will we deal with such a change? The choice is private and it is up to everyone ".