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Silent Art Auction June 24th – July 2nd.
You can start bidding online over Liba's email today!  The auction will be closed July 2nd at 4:00 PM. Please contact Liba at if you wish to bid for some artwork so you can receive the Silent Auction list.

LIBA Show Room in Varsity, NW Calgary will be opened on the 2nd 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM and you are cordially invited to come and participate in the physical auction.
Light refreshment will be available.

The artwork will go to the highest bid and can be picked up July 2nd at /or after 4:00 PM when the payment is due. 
You can make an appointment with Liba if you will win an artwork and you will not be able to come on July 2nd. The payment will be accepted by money e-transfer to my email, by cheque made to LIBA Art Studio or by cash.


The portion of the art sale will go to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society.


The Silent Auction List includes the thumbnail of artwork, description , retail price and min bid. There are 45 pieces offered for sale.

Donation will go as stated bellow:
10% from works with min bid $ 150 and less sold ,  15 % from works with min bid  between $ 150 -  $ 500 and 20% from sold works with min bid above $ 500.
If anyone will decide to buy a painting that is not on the silent auction list, the donation will be 30% from the retail price. There will be no GST added during the silent auction. It is your opportunity to own some of Liba's artworks for a very low price.

You are more than welcome to forward the list to your contacts who you think will be interested in my artwork and in participating in the silent art auction to help care for wildlife.

Liba will email you updates how the auction is developing on Tuesday June 27th and on Saturday July 1st.  She also will let you know the results of the silent auction .


Information about the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society:

CWRS is a non-profit charitable organization that cares for injured and orphaned wildlife in Calgary and the surrounding areas. CWRS responds to over 5,000 calls from concerned citizens and cares for 2,400 local wildlife patients every year.  
CWRS also endeavors to improve our relationship with wildlife by raising awareness through education and outreach.  





Thank you!